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Hands-on Foundations

Spend four days on our campus getting hands on experience learning the basics of several foundation techniques, and leave ready to start your own project!

The foundation is arguably the most important part of a structure, as it determines how that structure interfaces with the earth (it’s also very difficult to change a foundation later, after a building sits on top of it!). There are many different types of foundations, and we want to focus on some systems that are simple, time-tested, and effective. We will be constructing a foundation for the building that the April Immersion class will be building. 

Expect to learn:
- how to layout a building on the earth
- basic excavation
- installing a rubble-trench footing (an ingenious hybrid combining a footing and french drain)
- the transition from footing to stem-wall
- poured concrete stem-wall
- mortared stone stem wall (and/or “stone slip-form”)
- concrete block stem-wall, with lime-based mortar
- transitioning from foundation to natural wall
- grading around a foundation
- discussion about the other types of footings and foundations that we don’t cover on site

Three healthful, home-cooked meals are provided each day! You are encouraged to stay on campus throughout, either tenting or renting a cottage. Sharing time in this community of people is a wonderful part of the workshop experience.

Earliest Bird: $350 (60 days advance payment)
Early Bird: $400 (30 days advance payment)
Regular Rate: $450

Additional Discount: 10% for family and friends participating together

email with any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

Later Event: April 22
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